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A website that looks great can be a magical thing but your website also needs to work and be optimised to be found on search engines. Here at Practical Magic Web Design all of our websites are SEO optimised for your business and where we can will make sure you get to the top of google.

With A combination of DotGo's SEO tools and our knowledge of on page SEO we will make sure that your website is ready to hit Google's listings running.



So What Makes Your Website Tick? 


Content is vitally important to your website when it comes to SEO. Having the right amount of content and making sure that your key phrase you want to get found for is weaved through this is a must. When we design and build your website we will make sure that the content you give us is optimised to give you the best results on search engines.

During your consultation we will discuss with you the amount of content you will need to make the best out of your website and go through your content for you to make sure it's SEO rich.


Content is only a small part of your website that helps towards your SEO and making sure that your images and alt tags are named appropriately to go with your key phrases will help you that bit further in terms of what google sees when its bots go through your website.

When we build your website we will make sure that all your images are optimised and ready to go.

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Sitemaps and What Search Engines See

Once we have built your website we will make sure your google Tags and descriptions are all set up to reflect your business and your key words or phrase. When you are happy we will submit your site maps to google so they know you are there.

Please keep in mind you wont jump to the top of google straight away. Google needs to work out your business and calculate where you should sit on there listings, in this time you will do what we refer to as the 'google dance' where you will move up and down the listings. This can take anywhere up to six weeks to settle.



Off Page Optimisation

We don't deal in Google adds, we believe there are better and cheaper ways to get yourself ranked on google. Though there is nothing stopping you if you wish to add these in the future yourself.

So what can you do to help raise your listings and 'SEO juice' your website?




 Links From Other Websites

Making sure that you have external links to your websites helps greatly and will also help to redirect interested parties you your website. This could be in the form of a link from a social media account, a link from your google business listing, links from friends or partnered websites or even trusted business listings where relevant.

We can help you get started. We don't do this to just show off our work... OK, maybe a little … but when we build your website we will add your website to our portfolio page and link back to yourself giving you some of our own juice to give you a boost.

Social Media Accounts

This isn't so much about SEO as getting more footfall to your website and reaching more people. Social media business accounts are a great way of connecting with people and getting your business out there. Its also a great way to introduce yourself and link back to your website.

We unfortunately don't offer a service to help set these up but we can link your websites to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. We can even put your social media feeds on your website if you like. Just ask us in your website design consultation and we will make it happen.

Google My Business Listings

A must for any business, this is a great free way to promote your business on google and also creates another link back to your website. By setting this up your business will come up on google maps on searches for local businesses when people do a 'near me' search on there mobile.

We highly recommend setting this up and can give you information on how to do this.

 What can you do to improve your google listings. website design in surrey.



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