Contract Clarity

of Practical Magic Web Design & REASON8 Ltd trading as

We want to be clear where the contractural clarity sits between us and DotGO so we  can offer you the assurance that your business website is being well looked after
Before moving ahead with your website design with us please click the button below to read the information which clearly explains the roles of and Practical Magic Web Design then please tick at the bottom to confirm you have read and understood the following information and click submit. 

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Contract Clarity for Practical Magic Web Design and REASON8 Ltd trading as

Please read the following information, clearly explaining the roles between us and REASON8 trading as
Once you have read the bellow information please tick the box at the bottom to confirm you have read and understood the following information and submit to so we can start to weave our magic.
Thank you.

1) Who does What?

- Practical Magic Web Design provides you the design services and content of you website. 
- Practical Magic Web Design are a third party company AND NOT RELATED TO REASON8 Ltd trading as the agreement between you (the client) and Practical Magic Web Design relates to the content of your website only.
- Practical Magic Web Design offers continued support regarding the content if you Website only.
- REASON8 Ltd trading as is a hosting and technology company the provides systems that allow you to change you content and manage your website and email (if we set these up for you).

2) Payment

- You pay Practical Magic Web Design a free for designing and producing your content 
- You pay DotGO a separate monthly fee for the ongoing use of there technology, hosting and support services.

3) Ongoing Support

- Practical Magic Web Design will provide support for your website content.
- DotGO will provide support for all technical questions in regards to your website and emails ( if we set them up).

4) Contractural Period 

- Practical Magic Web Design temporary contract for each content design job agreed and undertaken. Contracts run from date agreed of work required until date of sign off for agreed work.
- The minimum contract period with REASON8 Ltd trading as is 12 months, after which your contract reverts to a rolling monthly contract. 

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